Joanne Kloppenburg’s Slave Comment

Media Blackout  |  3-13-16

abraham-lincoln-148527_640State Supreme Court candidate Joanne Kloppenburg recently made a false historical statement to a youth group. She erroneously told the group that Abraham Lincoln owned slaves. Even by elementary school standards, that’s not a small error.

Kloppenburg’s historical ignorance was ignored by TV news media in Green Bay. This is an example of the double standard which exists in the way liberals and conservatives are covered.

For example, when Sarah Palin discussed American history during her One Nation bus tour, the media mistakenly concluded that Palin got a historical fact incorrect about Paul Revere. Historical documentation proved Palin’s fact was accurate, but that didn’t matter to the press.

The media painted a narrative that Palin was dim. When liberals, however, make erroneous statements, the media deems the errors irrelevant and ignores them. One just needs to google “Obama historical errors” to get a list of the president’s mistakes which have been ignored by the media.

If all things were equal, examples of Kloppenburg’s intelligence today or lack-there-of would be as relevant to the local media as the decades-old college writings of Kloppenburg’s opponent Rebecca Bradley.

If it stands to reason that voters deserve to know who Bradley was 24 years ago shouldn’t they also know who Kloppenburg is today? Some might conclude she’s not smarter than a 5th grader.

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