Chris Matthews’ War on Women

WGBA NBC 26  |   3-29-16 @ 5 p.m.

Bias by Hypocrisy

Every once in a while we have to create a new category of bias. Here we go again. Here’s an example of bias by hypocrisy. The anchor of NBC 26 interviewed liberal MSNBC personality Chris Matthews who was in Green Bay to moderate a presidential debate.

During the interview Matthews used a phrase involving Hillary Clinton which, if said by a Republican, would make all the headlines and be pointed to by the mainstream media as proof of a “war on women.”

But the NBC 26 anchor let it go. Ignored it completely. Let Matthews off the hook.

Matthews stated that “Bernie Sanders is not giving up. He’s going in for the kill and he’s killing Hillary Clinton, who is going all the way.”

If Donald Trump said the exact same thing, Matthews would be the first to cry WAR ON WOMEN!

There is another bias at play in this segment as well. This one is revealed in one of the questions the anchor asks of Matthews.

In response to a story about the Trump campaign manager who was arrested for grabbing the arm of a reporter, the NBC 26 anchor pushes the liberal narrative that Trump is personally responsible for this event.

NBC 26 Anchor: (Trump) has gotten away with other things like this before what would be different about this?

That’s a loaded question – loaded with bias. The anchor is really giving her opinion rather than reporting a fact. That is not journalism.

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