Clinton Campaigns in Green Bay

WGBA NBC 26   |  3-29-16 @ 5 pm

WGBA NBC 26 provided spin-filled coverage for the Hillary Clinton campaign stop in Green Bay on March 29, 2016.

The positive story NBC 26 provided failed to explore any of the controversies swirling around Clinton.

While Trump and Cruz supporters are asked about controversies surrounding the GOP candidates, Clinton supporters got to espouse unquestioned support without any trace of any of the Clinton controversies being mentioned.

How about asking that supporter who said Clinton has the foreign policy experience a question about the murders in Benghazi and the growing Russian aggression which Clinton had a hand in.

How about asking her about the rise of ISIS after Clinton failed to secure a Status of Forces Agreement in Iraq.

How about asking the woman who stated that Clinton is experienced whether she thinks Clinton will be indicted for sharing secret information via email over an unsecured private server in her home.

How about asking Clinton supporters whether Kathleen Willey is correct when she says “Hillary Clinton is the war on women.” That is a reference to the attacks Hillary is said to have made and organized against the women who publicly stated that Bill Clinton raped or sexually assaulted them (Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, et al.)

NBC 26 also failed to point out that Clinton pulled drew a crowd of less than 500 in Green Bay while her competitor in the Democrat primary, Bernie Sanders, drew a crowd of 4,000 earlier the same day.

In fact, NBC 26 downplayed the Sanders turnout seemingly to avoid a direct contrast. The anchor stated “hundreds packed the Performing Arts Center for (Sander’s) event this afternoon.” Hundreds? It was 4,000.

The direct contrast in dismal support Clinton received would contradict NBC 26’s spin, which was hyped in the headline of the story as “Excitement Building” for Clinton.

Seems it is more accurate to report the “excitement” is building for Sanders. Even the most liberal talking heads have stated one of the problems Hillary Clinton has is that she’s boring. If you hear the word “exciting” or “excitement” used in regards to Clinton’s campaign, it is spin folks.

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