WFRV Triples Down on Bias by Commission

WFRV CBS 5 |  8-25-2016

In its Thursday, August 25, 10 pm newscast, WFRV Channel 5 tripled down on committing bias by Commission:  a pattern of passing along assumptions or errors that tend to support a left-wing or liberal view.

Let’s first see if you can spot all three examples:

WFRV’s first example is subtle but important. Notice the anchor states that Donald Trump met with black and Hispanic supporters “hand-picked by the Republican Party.” This is bias by commission because it passes along an assumption that no individual of color would want to meet with Donald Trump, leaving the Republican Party to “hand pick” people to do so. WMC was unable to find any independent news reports substantiating this statement by the WFRV anchor that supporters were “hand-picked by the Republican Party.”

WFRV’s next example is a bit more overt. The anchor states that Donald Trump made “controversial comments” the day prior, calling Hillary Clinton a “bigot.” The anchor then acknowledges that Hillary Clinton also called Donald Trump a “bigot,” yet we do not see the qualification that Mrs. Clinton’s statement was also “controversial.” This is not surprising, as the media has been perpetuating the Democratic narrative that Donald Trump and Republicans across the board are, in fact, bigots, so it is not surprising that WFRV found nothing controversial about Mrs. Clinton’s statement. On what basis is Mr. Trump any more bigoted that Mrs. Clinton? If that is the standard to be used than how are accusations against one candidate are controversial yet for another’s not?

WFRV’s last example of bias by commission is completely overt.  Here, the anchor concludes the report by stating that Hillary Clinton released a web video “linking Trump with Ku Klux Klan supporters.”  This is bias by commission because there is absolutely no evidence that Donald Trump has ever been linked with the KKK, let alone its supporters. He has publicly denounced white supremacist groups. Instead, the video consists of KKK members who state their support for Donald Trump. This is hardly a “link.” If it is, then WFRV should not forget that one of Hillary Clinton’s supporters is Seddique Mir Mateen. Mateen is a supporter of the Taliban and also is the father of Omar Mateen (the individual that pledged allegiance to ISIS and massacred 49 people at an Orlando nightclub).

In light of Mr. Mateen’s support of Mrs. Clinton, is she “linked” to the Taliban and the murder 49 Americans? The truth of the matter is that the media has long played the guilt-by-association game with conservatives under public scrutiny, but seldom to never when it comes to liberal counterparts. WFRV’s reporting perfectly exemplifies this.


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