Local Coverage of Wiki-Leaks Lacking


Wiki-what? This is apparently the mantra being uttered in local newsrooms across Northeast Wisconsin. The website Wikileaks has released thousands (upon thousands) of damning emails hacked from the email account of Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta.

Yet local media (just like its national counterpart) prefers to either not address the damning revelations contained in these emails, or pays short shrift to the same.

Some of the many revelations about Clinton (or her campaign operatives) include:

  • Clinton dreams of a North America with “open trade and open borders”;
  • Clinton concedes she has a “public” position on policy and a “private” position on policy;
  • The Campaign sought support from “needy Latinos”;
  • There were numerous journalists clandestinely working on behalf of the Clinton campaign in a number of ways
  • Special favors were extended by the State Department to friends of “William Jefferson Clinton”

Certainly, this is newsworthy information. Yet, let’s take a look at the 10:00p.m. news coverage of the Clinton Wikileaks revelations during the week of October 10th and compare it to the coverage of the Trump Access Hollywood story.

(If you are having trouble viewing the comparison document above in your browser, you can click to view the PDF here).

Do we see a trend? It’s quite obvious – the local media is choosing to ignore negative revelations about Hillary Clinton, or is, at the very least spinning those revelations so as to downplay their significance in favor of featuring ongoing negative coverage of Donald Trump. This is bias by spin and story selection.

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