Local Stations Ignore “Women’s March” Controversies

WGBA | WBAY  | WFRV | WLUK | 1/21/2017

During the 10 pm broadcast on January 21st, NBC 26 lead with coverage of the “Women’s March” that occurred in Washington DC and elsewhere.

Although the event organizers, WGBA, and others pegged this event as a Women’s March, others helped bring some clarity to the event and maybe an indication of its intent. Here are a couple thoughts as noted by The Daily Caller on 1/21/2017.

“CNN analyst Bakari Sellers let slip a shocking revelation about the Women’s March Saturday. “It’s not about women, it’s about liberalism,” he said…

…She then brought up the fact that it shouldn’t have been “called a women’s march,” because pro-life women were not included.  That’s when Sellers laughed and corrected Nance, saying it wasn’t about women at all.”

WGBA included coverage of one of the event speakers. In this story, though, they committed multiple instances of Bias by Commission, Omission, Source Selection, Spin and Story Selection. See the report here;

Let’s start with the prominent coverage that WGBA provided of Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards’ speech. Note how the story specifically hones in on her organization’s concerns for cuts in federal funding to their controversial organization.

What WGBA didn’t tell their viewers, is that Planned Parenthood is not only a “Premier Partner” for the event but was also the only “Exclusive Premier Sponsor” according to the event’s website.  

Favorable coverage for liberal organizations such as Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion stories seems to be a frequent occurrence during local media television broadcasts. While mostly ignoring events and coverage favorable of pro-life causes.

You can read more about our past coverage by reading the links here about the yearly March for Life and 40 Days for Life stories. These are two prominent events that much of our local media completely ignores, downplays or gives very little coverage on.

Notably absent from WGBA’s coverage on celebrities was the controversy caused by singer Madonna.

NBC 26 Anchor : “Several Celebrities also spoke to the large crowds addressing women’s rights and freedoms.”

Madonna spread her “message of love” by dropping one F-bomb after another and saying she’s considered blowing up the White House. Here’s some of her speech;


After some blowback and a reported Secret Service investigation of the troubling and threatening rhetoric, she seemed to back peddle. Others have even justified it.

We doubt WGBA was planning on reporting on one of the event organizers either. Particularly Linda Sarsour. She is a National Co-Chair of the event. Linda Sarsour is also a supporter, and advocate for Sharia Law in America. Here are a couple of her remarks which are found posted on her Twitter account.

Sarsour’s advocacy for Sharia Law in the United States and her relationship and questionable connections to HAMAS certainly are not in the mainstream viewpoint and extremely concerning to many Americans.

WGBA was not the only station to black out coverage on any of the controversial issues surrounding these “Women’s Marches.” WBAY’s and WFRV’s coverage during the same broadcast time and WLUK’s at 9 PM also committed bias by omission regarding the “Women’s March.” There were multiple instances of other types of bias during the local station’s broadcasts that evening too. See for yourself by watching each of their broadcasts below.

When covering significant stories and events, perhaps NBC 26 and other local media outlets could better serve the public by staying clear of pushing a liberal agenda on their viewers or omitting key details.

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