NBC 26 Commits Bias by Spin

WGBA NBC 26 |  3-11/2017

On March 11, 2017, NBC 26 (WGBA) featured the following report on its Facebook page from an individual who appears to be a reporter attending an event for “immigrants” at a local church in Green Bay. Watch the report:

WMC has previously addressed the commonplace bias by spin that exists in the media regarding illegal immigrants. Like in most reports, here there is no mention or acknowledgment of the fact that individuals who did not enter the United States through proper channels did so in contravention of federal law.

There is a distinct difference between an “immigrant” – an individual who resides in the United States in compliance with federal immigration laws – versus an “illegal immigrant” – one who resides in this country in contravention of federal immigration laws.

In this case, the reporter lumps all “immigrants” into one category and furthers the narrative that all “immigrants” are concerned and have something to worry about when it comes to their “rights” being protected.  

WMC acknowledges the ongoing need for outreach to various ethnic communities by law enforcement and other civic and religious organizations, regardless of individuals’ legal status in those communities. However, this ongoing outreach does not mean that the local media should ignore the difference between legal and illegal immigrants when reporting on the subject of immigration. The law makes the distinction: so should the media.  

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