TMJ4 Commits Bias by Headline

TMJ4 |  5-20-2017

On May 20, 2017, TMJ4 – Milwaukee featured a story on its website addressing a CNN report that, according to a “source,” former FBI Director, James Comey, now believes President Trump was trying to influence him.

You can read the story here.

The substance of the story (or the lack thereof) is not what WMC takes issue with in this particular instance.  Instead, it was how TMJ4 featured this story on its website. Take a look:

Now, compare this headline with the actual headline of the story:

Do you notice the difference?

Here, TMJ4 commits bias by headline, because the headline utilized on its main website gives the false impression that James Comey himself has publicly indicated he believed President Trump tried to influence him.

The facts (assuming one can call them that), though, demonstrate that it is an unidentified, third-party “source” who contends this, not Comey, himself. The headline found on TMJ4’s landing page makes no mention of “source.”

So, not only do we have a story whose factual bases are questionable (at least until Comey confirms the assertions), worse, we have a headline that states fact when the story could be complete fiction.


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