WBAY Features Democrat Expert

WBAY ABC 2 |  5-7-2017

During its 10 pm newscast on May 7, 2010, Green Bay’s Action 2 News (WBAY) featured a report on the House of Representatives’ passage of the American Healthcare Act. Watch the story:

Now, WMC takes particular issue with WBAY’s featuring the excerpt of the interview with one Dr. Atul Gawande, which aired in ABC’s This Week program, hosted by long-time Clinton supporter, George Stephanopoulos.  

Why? Well, what WBAY fails to mention (as did George Stephanopoulos) is that Dr. Gawande is a Democrat donor who worked on both Al Gore’s presidential campaign, and worked in former President Clinton’s administration, specifically on healthcare policy.

In other words, Dr. Gawande has a “dog in the fight.”  Now, certainly, ABC and WBAY are welcome to feature Dr. Gawande’s opinion; however, unbiased journalism dictates that Dr. Gawande’s past political involvement be disclosed so that viewer isn’t left with the false impression that Dr. Gawande’s opinion is not clouded in any way.

Alternatively, WBAY is certainly free to also feature a doctor who holds an alternative view of the AHA.

In sum, by choosing to blindly feature an interview of an “expert” who has a bias on a particular subject, WBAY commits bias by selection of sources.


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