FOX 11 Furthers Bias by Policy Endorsement

WLUK FOX 11 |  7-19-2017

On July 19, 2016, Green Bay’s FOX 11 (WLUK) featured a story on its website titled:

Health plan’s fall brings dread for ‘Obamacare’ recipients

Check out the story here.

The bias is palpable. This story (authored by the Associated Press, but featured by FOX 11) essentially acts as an advocacy piece for why Obamacare should be “left alone.” Notice, the story offers no views as to how Obamacare is not sustainable, nor does it mention the fact that for millions of Americans, health insurance has become unaffordable under the law.

In fitting fashion, the reader is greeted with the following photo:

Thus, you are forced to be either for Obamacare – and for Ethan (above) – or against Obamacare – and against Ethan.  

Put simply, this story is not journalism: it is an issue advocacy piece and should be clearly demarcated as such. By not doing so, FOX 11 has committed bias by policy endorsement (and graphic).

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