WBAY Commits Bias by Labeling

WBAY ABC 2 |  8-12-2017

In its August 12, 2017 evening newscast, Green Bay’s Channel 2 (WBAY) featured a report regarding the terrible protests that turned deadly in Charlottesville, SC. However, similar to many in the national news media, WBAY went overboard with their use of terminology in describing the event. See if you can spot the bias:

Here, the anchor leads in with the following statement:  “a nationalist rally turned deadly . . . “

The bias, here, is WBAY’s use of the term “nationalist.” By definition, a nationalist is one who holds strong pride in one’s country – a belief that one’s nation is greater than all others. It is fair to say that many Americans, then, are nationalists.  

Now, at first, WMC was going to give WBAY a pass, believing that the writer of this story meant to use the term “white nationalist,” which has a very specific meaning, separate and distinct from the generic term, “nationalist.” However, in light of the narrative that has begun to evolve in the mainstream media, we do question whether there was underlying bias here.

More and more, liberal news outlets are equating love of the United States with hatred of those who are not “American.” Take, for instance, news coverage concerning immigration reform. The media often portrays those who seek to take a tough stance on illegal immigration as being racists or xenophobic. Perhaps, those who take a tough stance against illegal immigration are simply in favor of enforcing laws that were duly enacted by Congress?

The sad reality is that many on the Left equate being pro-USA as a racist ideology.    

Perhaps this was a simple mistake, perhaps it wasn’t. Nevertheless, WBAY has provided us with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that words have meaning, especially when used in a context as serious as the one presented in this story.


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