Monthly Archives: February 2018

AR-15, Fact and Fiction

Following the horrific school shooting in Parkland Florida, the U.S. is once again confronted with the question of how these terrible acts of meaningless violence could be halted. So far, the mainstream media and the anti-gun left have generally called for “tougher gun laws,” sometime including universal background checks. In an effort to understand the situation […]

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After FL Shooting, The Media Resurrects Australia Gun Confiscation

After nearly every mass shooting in America, some media outlets point to a 1996 Australia gun confiscation law as a potential template for the U.S. to use in dealing with mass shootings here. Wednesday’s horrific high school shooting in Parkland Florida is no exception to that rule. Several media outlets were quick to point to […]

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Local Media Silent on John Doe Hearing

A hearing last Thursday at the Brown County courthouse with newly-appointed John Doe Judge Kendall Kelley was largely ignored by the local and mainstream media. None of the four television stations in the market were in the courtroom, including one located across the street from the courthouse. The light coverage is noteworthy because the John […]

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