Media Bias: Story Selection


Bias by story selection

A pattern of highlighting news stories that coincide with the agenda of the Left while ignoring stories that coincide with conservative social issues.

Door County Pulse Overplays Hand

Door County Pulse |  9-7-2017 In its September 7, 2017 “Reps in the News” feature, Door County Pulse featured  the following “tidbit” concerning President Donald Trump’s claim that his campaign was “wiretapped” by Obama officials: Pretty bold words:   The current President of the United States flat-out lied about the then-sitting president issuing a wiretap […]

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Local Media Blacks-Out Interesting Factoid

Media Blackout  |  9-28-2017 Local media in Wisconsin has certainly not been one to shy away from featuring nightly stories regarding the progress of the investigation into Russia’s attempts to “collude” to undermine the 2016 election in the United States. The spin commonly featured in these reports is that the Russians wanted Donald Trump to […]

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Local Media Blacks-Out Comey Revelations

8-30-2017 On or around August 30, 2017, significant revelations concerning former FBI Director, James Comey, and his decision to exonerate Hillary Clinton of any liability for destroying and/or sharing classified emails. As reported by CNN: Comey prepared the draft exoneration for Clinton before conducting interviews with top Clinton aides who were offered immunity for their […]

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FOX 6 Unnecessarily Promotes Book

FOX 6 |  7-13-2017 On July 13, 2017, Milwaukee’s FOX 6 (WITI) featured the following headline on its website: Planned Parenthood head is writing “Inspirational” memoir Read the story here. Can you spot the bias? Here, we have a nice example of bias by story selection. How is the release of a book by Cecile […]

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Local Media Blacks Out Controversial Statements

7-15-2017 Local stations in both the Green Bay and Milwaukee television markets were quick to feature coverage of the national “Women’s March” that took place the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, along with the “Day Without Women” protests that took place in March. What wasn’t featured in local news coverage: that one of the individuals […]

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Green Bay TV Blacks-Out Hacking Report

University of Michigan Research 6-7-2017 On June 7, 2017, various news outlets across the state, along with the Washington Post, reported that University of Michigan researchers had completed a study concluding that voting machines in Wisconsin were not hacked during the November, 2016 elections. This study was prompted, in part, due to allegations and supposition by […]

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Fox 6 Unfairly Targets Dem Candidate for Governor

FOX 6 |  6-12-2017 On Friday, June 24th, WMC President, Will McKinley, addressed recent news report from Milwaukee’s Fox 6 (WITI) while guest-hosting The Jerry Bader Show. The report, titled: Democrat looking to challenge Gov. Walker didn’t sign recall petition, says he was never asked to, questions the bona fides of Milwaukee businessman – and Democrat […]

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Local Media Taunt Representative

6-8-2017 Wisconsin media recently lost its mind when state Representative, Jesse Kremer, stated he believed that the Earth was 6,000 years old. Kremer, a devout Christian, based this belief on Biblical teachings, which maintain that the Earth was created by God 6,000 years ago.   Despite the fact that this is a religious belief, media […]

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FOX 6 Perpetuates Trump Family Smear Campaign

WITI FOX 6 |  5-30-2017 On May 30, 2017, Milwaukee’s FOX 6 (WITI) featured the following story prominently on its website: Wow . . . where do we begin. It is clear that the national media has become obsessed with reporting any possible “controversy” that may exist surrounding President Trump or his family, but this […]

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NBC 26 & TMJ4 “Grill” Walker

WGBA | WTMJ |  5-31-2017 On Tuesday, May 30, Green Bay’s NBC 26 (WGBA) and Milwaukee’s TMJ4 both headlined a story on Gov. Walker Tweeting a photo of shish kabobs he was grilling on Memorial Day.   Check out the headlines via WTMJ 4 and WGBA 26:   Now, the obvious question is:  how is […]

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