Get Involved

Most of us know or suspect that many of the major news spokes-persons tend to lean toward the left. This is to be expected, considering that most reporters have been educated by liberal professors at liberal colleges. Through no direct fault of their own, they often omit or slant their reporting to support the liberal agenda.

This may be the result of reporting national news feeds or locally sourced, both without adequate verification and validation of sources. It also goes the other way, but much less frequently. The objective of Wisconsin Media Check Foundation is the review and analysis of news reports in Northeast Wisconsin to identify examples of bias in one way or another and to inform and educate both the reporters and the public of those occurrences.

We can’t do it alone. We need the public to make their voices heard. You can do so by using this site and contacting your local media when you see a story of bias that concerns you. We have found that being polite and well-informed has produced positive changes.

Get involved by sharing the stories you find here on social media and “Like” our Facebook page. The more people who know about Wisconsin Media Check Foundation, the further our influence will be to keep the media’s reporting objective and fair.

Additionally, as we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, WMCF is not only appreciative of any financial donation you may give, we depend on donations from folks just like you. Your generosity will help sustain what we feel to be a worthy and important service, and any gift you make is tax-deductible.